The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner - Stephenie Meyer This was a great book! The writing kind of bothered me at times but I've read worse. Less than half-way through the book, you love Bree and you don't want her to die! You just wish that she could live. Stephenie Meyer has an uncanny ability to make you love her characters.

You really get an inside look what the life of newborn vampire really is. And these vampires are much closer to our traditional vampires than the Cullens. You have Riley ripping arms off and you have a look into how ferocious vampires can really get. But not just that there's brief discription of a character's death and it really shows you that the Twilight universe has real vampires. I know, you still have the glittery skin and the powers but put those aside they're real. And it's not like every newborn has a power only two out of the twenty did.

Of course, you've got a small tragic love story between Bree and another vampire which was awesome. I loved Diego! Then you have Bree becoming friends with Freaky Fred, whom I also totally love. He's got a cool power. This is definatly one of my favorite books.

And I'd like to say we got a real look at Jasper's "true" reaction when they had Bree out in the field and everything that happened in the conversation with Volturi and Cullens. There's a whole new dimension to it after you learn what Bree actually "told" the Cullens. I really wished that the Cullens had adopted Bree- I love her! I was kind of skeptical about the book but I knew that I wanted to read it. I wanted to know what life was like for the newborns and I wanted to know that part of Eclipse's story. This book added a whole new dimension to the saga.