In the After - Demitria Lunetta I had high expectations for In the After. From the moment I read the description I could not wait to get my hands on this book.

Imagine living in a silent world. Sound is death. Daylight is death. You can only travel at night and even then, the probability of dying is still high if you make even the slightest of sounds. Amy is one of the few who have learned to live in the After. The Before was peaceful and normal. Amy went to school, had sleepovers, and there weren't monsters. The After is a living nightmare. The After is full of monsters that eat human flesh.

In the After has one of the best openings I have ever read. From the moment I started, I was hooked. The book was split into three parts and, if I have to pick which of those were my favorite, it would have to be part one. Part two and three were great, but in part one, Amy was really in the thick of it. She was sneaking around, living from day to day, risking death almost every night in an effort to gather food and not starve. I really enjoyed the rawness of the world around her and everything that living alone in the After brought.

Part two and three kind of settled the story into the more typical dystopian novel that you find. There's a new government and they're oppressive. Actually, the propaganda the characters there would spout annoyed me to no end. But I'm okay with that though because it annoyed Amy too. I liked that she didn't buy in to any of it. She went and did her own thing. She didn't blindly follow crazy Dr. Reynolds and her stupid mother. And what did she get for not "falling into line"? Amy was placed in the Ward and drugged. From the moment I met him, I instantly hated Dr. Reynolds. One of the reasons why I liked Amy so much as a character was because even though she couldn't see everything I could, she wasn't stupid. She didn't buy into any of it or trust anyone easily even though some people she did care about there did. She listened to her instincts.

The writing was gripping and really kept my attention. The plot moved forward at a nice pace. I didn't particularly enjoy having to read through drug-induced Amy's perspective. I was actually kind of annoyed but it wasn't that big of a deal. I think it was a different approach to the story and I appreciate that. Luckily, drug-induced Amy didn't really narrate that much. Those snips mostly consisted of her trying to remember why she's at the Ward. Then they would cut off to where part one left off and the story continued.

Just for clarification, the Ward is basically an asylum. Of course, you could go with what the characters there called it and say "it's a place where people go to get better." Yeah, sure. Straight up lies. If you go to the Ward, you don't come back. That much was clear from the beginning. The Ward is the place the new government puts people that they say couldn't adapt. This translates to people who learn too much about Them (the monsters) or who don't agree with the oppressive society.

Over all, I really enjoyed In the After. I just think that it would have been better without the whole oppressive society.