Arclight - Josin L. McQuein Light is life. At least, that's what Marina and the people within the Arclight are taught. Marina doesn't remember her life though. Her memories only consist of the past two months, anything before hand is fragmented and confusing—mostly consisting of complete terror. Almost everyone hates Marina and the fact that Fade attacks have started again since her arrival isn't exactly helping things.

Firstly, let me say the whole idea of the Fade (if you don't already know, (because I didn't) they're creatures) is basically everything I wanted it to be but not in a predictable way, which was a nice change. What the Fade are exactly isn't revealed until three-fourths of the book is over (meaning we know everything by then), but by the time we reach page 140 or so, Miss McQuein has at least given us a description and basic understanding. I'll admit I was a little lost until she gave me the more physical description of what the Fade are so I wish that had come a little earlier.

I've always enjoyed the whole human being turned into a different creature idea, which is one of the reasons why I love In the After and Arclight so much. But Arclight took a different turn with that plot line that wasn't exactly surprising but it was different and really enjoyable.

I'm still a little confused why the citizens living in the Arclight sleep during the day and are awake at night so I wish that had been addressed instead of just mentioned off-hand. I will say though that I was relieved the Arclight's government wasn't your typical dystopian government. There were some similar aspects but not so many that it was the same exhaustive government that wanted to control everything about its citizens' lives. It was controlling but not on the same scale and level, as In the After or Agenda 21.

As far as characters go, I didn't really connect with any of them but I loved Marina's storyline. I remember thinking it'd be cool if she turned out to somehow be one of the Fade. Then a hundred or so pages later I was like afdjk! Or in other words, Yes!!!. I am fond of Rue though. I came to really like him and I sympathize with him. The love of his life was taken from him and there is literally no way for him to get her back. Honestly, part of me wanted him to get his Cherish back somehow. Tobin was nice. I didn't connect with him either. I felt like his attitude towards Marina changed too quickly. When it comes to Honoria, I am at complete dislike. I can't say I hate her, because I've hated a character before (Simon) *cough* but she is pretty darn close to my character-hate scale.

Arclight was a wonderful sci-fi dystopian YA novel. I really enjoyed the storyline and the writing itself was pretty darn good. I'm really looking forward to Meridian.