Mockingjay - Suzanne  Collins That's it? I can't believe it. Wow. Katniss lost so much in this last installment of The Hunger Games trilogy. There are only two elements of the book I'm disappointed about, the ending and Peeta.

Peeta being my favorite character, I wanted to see him more. But I also wanted to see his interaction with Katniss more than there actually was. I read this book in less than 7 hours and for about 5 of those, the thing that propelled me forward wasn't thea ctual mission or what Katniss wanted but the fact that the more I read the more of Peeta I saw. Katniss's reaction to the whole thing with Gale and Peeta was a little disappointing after the first two books.

The ending was definately fit for the series, but as I am a fan of happy endings, I wasn't totally satisfying. Truth be told, I wouldn't mind how it ended so much if I had been able to read about how Peeta and Katniss grew back together. They'd been through so much and all I get is a paragraph! That was really disappointing.

Mockingjay takes on a different tone than the previous books had. It's filled with danger but not like the other two were. Katniss's reactions were satsifactory as long as I'm looking at whether or not they were true to her character. Honestly, I thought we'd lose Gale, it seemed the logical thing as I was reading. And Finnick, poor Finnick and Annie.... I never grew to love him like I did Peeta, but then again I didn't grow to love anyone except Peeta. But the reservations I had about Finnick at the end of Catching Fire are gone. I like him. Haymitch was great as usual.

At the end there, when Katniss is sent back home, I have to admit, I choked up. It was so sad. Throughout the series, she was used by just about everyone, and now that the battle was won, they dumped her on the sidelines. The only people who really cared about her were those who she'd either lived with for most her life or been in the Hunger Games with, and of course Haymitch. It's a truly sad story but a great one.