The Hunger Games - Suzanne  Collins Oh my goodness. Just give me a second......

I have no idea why I waited so long to read this. Before I get into things though, I would like to state that this book did not live up to all the hype it has been getting. Now, on to more pleasant things.

Lets start with the ending. Can you tell I just finished the book and am still freaking out about how it ended? What's up with that? Okay. The ending was a huge cliff hanger. I mean, it was worse than The Son of Neptune's. No, better yet, it was worse that The Lost Hero's (when you find out that Percy is in the Roman camp). Okay? Katniss...*sigh* Peeta! Gale! I could not put the book down as I read the last fifty pages. And I just couldn't read it fast enough.

It took me a while to really get excited about this book. But at the same time, I found it hard to put down because I had to know how Katniss survived The Hunger Games. I must admit, I was kept guessing about Peeta's true loyalties for a good portion of the book. Although, once I reached a certain part, I finally landed on the right reason behind his actions. Katniss is a little slow and oblivious...

I must admit though, from almost the very beginning, I wanted Peeta to survive. I found him as a instantly lovable character. Of course, the same must be said about Gale - instantly lovable.

This book is full of characters that you either love or completely dislike. There are very few in-betweens.

From the moment the Hunger Games begin, the plot grips you like never before because, of course, Katniss is going to survive; she's the main character. But you have to know how. You have to know how things turn out with Peeta. You just have to know how a certain situation resolves itself. And before you know it, once one situation is resolved, you're drawn into another and you have to know how Katniss gets through that one. And thus, this is repeated over and over again, and very effectively.

Complaints? Besides the fact that I read it in less than 24 hours (counting the time I did not read at all), this book still did not live up to my expectations or the hype it's been getting. I don't care for the writing style, but even I must admit that it was the best one for this type of book.