New Moon - Stephenie Meyer The first time I read this book, I didn't like it so much. Then I went back for a second dose. I liked it much better.

This has actually become possibly my favorite book in the series. I used to really not like Jacob but I've changed my mind. Jacob's so much cooler than Edward but I will clarify for all you Twilight lovers out there, I don't like Jacob and Bella together.

Edward leaves in New Moon. The first read through this book, I was so obsessed with the Cullens coming back that I really didn't enjoy the Jacob parts. I've come to like the Jacob parts more than the Cullen parts actually.

Meyer weaves another spell-binding novel here. She threw us off the track we thought we were going to travel, which I think was a good move on her part. Edward leaving kept us invested in the story and also kept all of the books from being the same old thing.