Fablehaven - Brandon Mull Fablehaven is a fresh and spectacular book!

Brandon Mull has done a wonderful job weaving the various creatures of Fablehaven together into the modern world. That added with his incredible writing talent makes this a book you don't want to put down. I absolutely loved this book.

Mull created very memorable characters, whether they be the bad guys or the good guys. Seth and Kendra, are of course among these characters. But so isn't Muriel. And Grandpa is, of course, awesome.

I love the fairies in the book! You know, I think we often deal with worlds where fairies are the good guys and want to help everyone. In Fablehaven, they are good but they're also a little...conceited and obsessed with their beauty.

We also come across Stayrs, which become characters that actually play a bigger role than we think throughout the whole series.

This book is great for kids, teens, adults, and anyone looking for a fun, easy, and entertaining read.