The Last Olympian - Rick Riordan Wow! The Last Olympians was amazing! There are hardly any words to describe it. Rick Riordan did an amazing job! I didn't expect any of it, there were surprises throughout the whole book! I can't imagine how any sane person could give it less than a five star rating. Anyone who reads this will absolutely love it.

There were some interesting turns with Percy. Also, we got to learn a lot about Luke, which was really cool. I've always liked him. I wish he could've stayed at Camp Half-Blood. And, finally, Annabeth and Percy got together. The whole book was a battle. It was brilliantly executed!

We lost some really lovable characters but a lot of cool things happened that made up for it. I can hardly see how anyone couldn't like The Last Olympian. There's so much information in this book about past things that have happened that pertain to this story line. It was mind blowing.