The Burning Bridge - John Flanagan Will really grows and we see part of what Halt has drilled into his mind put into action. We also see how Halt and Will have grown closer. And we also learn more about Gilan, Halt's former apprentice. The king, Duncan, his finally introduced along with his daughter. Although, we don't know that we've met the princess until we get more than half way through the book. The princess, Cassandra, is known as Evalyn throughout the book and is, along with will, captured by Skandians. Skandians are fierce fighters from the north. They are mercenaries and rade the shores of Arulan.

With all of that, we also see Horace's ability with the sword grow along with his intelligence. He's not some mindless knight. He ends up actually defeating the main bad guy, Morgarath.

That said, this book was so amazing I read it three times. It was a great sequel to the 1st book and set the 3rd up prefectly! I recommend it too anyone who enjoys a great easy read and entertaining plot.