The Emperor of Nihon-Ja: Book 10 (Ranger's Apprentice) - John Flanagan John Flanagan always amazes me. He is a very talented author. There are very few series I would read to the very end if they had more than five books. Until now, the only author series I've read that have been longer than five books are Harry Potter and the first twelve books of The Secrets of Droon. My point? For me to read a series for this long and be willing to read more, the author has to be pretty darn good.

The Emperor of Nihon-Ja was great! I absolutely loved the drama between Evalyn and Alyss! It was really awesome when they had to work together without anyone else's supervision. This book focused a little bit on everyone, which I liked and didn't like at the same time. I miss the story having more of an emphasis on Will like in the fifth or sixth books. At the same time though, I liked how the story had a more even focus on everyone. Will is so blind when it comes to girls; it makes me laugh. But that's part of his character.

As you can imagine, there's a big battle at the end of the book. One of the best parts about the battle is that fact that Will leads it. He's the commander. Yes, he has help and stuff but he's the kind of like the master mind behind it. In previous battles, we've seen how Rangers usually stand back and pull the strings during a battle. Instead of Halt doing this, Will did. He was like the leader of the group at that point, protecting the Emperor. He's like a mini Halt. I love it!

The writing was, as usual, spectacular. Flanagan can really write a battle scene! He's done a great job staying true to the characters all this time. The banter between them all is as enjoyable as ever and is always one of my favorite elements of the book. I really do hope this isn't the last book in the series.