Clockwork Angel  - Cassandra Clare There will never be another book/series that will make me love as many characters like Clockwork Angel has. Clockwork Angel is a wonderful beginning to the already-established world of Shadowhunters and can be read before, after, or independently of The Mortal Instruments.

Tessa has traveled all the way from New York to London with the promise of a better life. When she arrives, she is instantly taken and thrown into a world she doesn't understand and is left to the devices of those who would use her to bring the Shadowhunters to their knees. Her rescue is only the beginning of her troubles though.

The whole story line was engaging and had Clare's signature sarcasm and humor inserted between the lines of peril the characters all walk. I always wanted to keep reading because I had to know what was going on. Why was Tessa so important to the Magister? Who is the Magister? What is Will's problem? What's Jem's? And (more importantly) what is Tessa? Some questions were answered in full, others weren't, not in this one at least.

I was instantly attached to both Will and Jem right from the very moment they began interacting with Tessa. Both boys are so different from each other but you can't help but love them both. Actually, one of my favorite parts has to be when Tessa first saw Will and their first couple of exchanges. It was such a tense part of the book while still managing to be amusing. In fact, I vivid really remember silently freaking out (in a good way) when Will first met Tessa. I was like, "Ah, yes! It's Will!"

Tessa was a lovely protagonist to follow. When it comes to both Jem and Will she is beautifully and honestly conflicted, loving each of them equally but differently without even realizing it. Will is kind of your typical young adult love interest: tough on the outside but melts when he meets the love of his life (even if you can't see the melting). Jem however is, well, every girl's dream. Allow me to explain.

If Will were real, I'd wager most girls wouldn't give him the time of day. Sure, he's handsome but the moment he begins to speak is the moment things start going south. He doesn't just come off as a jerk, he acts like one too and gives no hint that it is just that, an act. If Jem were real though, he'd have lines of girls just hoping to get in his good graces. He's kind, forgiving, patient, gentle, respectful, wonderful, and (not to mention) handsome. Shall I go on? In short, Will is a guy you only give a chance because he's fictional. Jem is a guy you'd give a chance any day he showed up. Honestly, Jem was really awesome and refreshing because he would also be a more realistic choice if you were to put him in the real-world.

These three really set the tone for the whole series. You hate who they hate. And you love who they love.

Jessamine was just plain annoying. Charlotte was also a nice addition to the story and really the rock of the London Institute. Her husband Henry though was endearingly oblivious to just about everything. I enjoyed watching their interactions with Jem and especially Will, who you could tell cared for everyone in his own way. Personally, I think Henry gets a bad rap. People think he's less capable than he actually is.

The writing was, as always, wonderful. Miss Clare had me laughing (sometimes out loud) periodically throughout the entire book. While I wouldn't say Clockwork Angel was better than any of The Mortal Instruments, I would definitely say it is its own flavor of awesome.