The Memory of After  - Lenore Appelhans Futuristic afterlife? Sounds interesting right? While the premise sounds promising the actual execution was, well, poor.

I'll just get right into it. Felicia is stuck in Level 2 but doesn't know it until the devilish Julian rescues her. What is Level 2? It's the place where the dead come to terms with their lives and make peace with whatever they need to.

Felicia confused me. For about three fourths of the book her narrative has convinced me that she's done some very awful things in her life. Her family is ashamed of her and she doesn't think much of herself. On top of that we find out that, while she was alive, she had nightmares of something that happened to her as a child. Interesting right?

Not to spoil it or anything but that nightmare? Um...why was it a nightmare exactly? Nothing happened. It was a little anti-climatic. Her family, well, I should say her mother is just plain awful. And that deep dark secret? Talk about disappointing. Yes, what happened to her friend was horrible but it wasn't Felicia's fault, she just happened to find the body. In my opinion, that should have been the nightmare. And Felicia going behind her friends' back to date the same guy? Not cool. But really? She thinks so little of herself because of that last thing?

It just doesn't make logical sense. I understand the regret. But the "oh I'm not worth the time" attitude just doesn't make sense in the end.

I felt like I was waiting to understand how Level 2 works and what exactly was happening until the last possible moment. By the time everything was out in the open, it was time for the resolution. It all felt rushed like the author was as ready as I was to leave the story behind. Much of the book is also just memories of her life on earth. I enjoyed reading them but.... Sometimes she said she "needed" to see one. So I'd be paying attention (thinking it was important) and at the end I was almost always left wondering why she needed to see it.

So, to summarize. The ending was rushed. The main character thought of herself as dirt for a reason no one (not even some of the characters) could understand. And every secret was a let down. Plus, Felicia was just weird.... I mean, the love story wasn't even that great. Actually, there wasn't much at all.

There you have it. I was really disappointed with The Memory of After.