Divergent  - Veronica Roth Holy crap. That. Was. Amazing.

I just started Divergent earlier today and, from the moment I started, could not put the book down. Well, I guess I could but it was really hard! The book was absolutely engaging and mesmerizing.

The societies portrayed in Divergent were all very well developed. I especially liked the Dauntless but I found each factions' purpose to be complimentary to the others'. In all truth, their down fall was their separation. I'm hesitant to compare Divergent to The Hunger Games in any way because they're both so different from each other, but at the same time they have similarities when you consider the society as a whole.

Truly, everything was very well developed. I found Tris to be a wonderful main character to follow through the book but I have to say, Four is probably my favorite character. He is powerful but not cruel, which is something I tend to like in many characters.

The struggles Tris goes through as she makes her choices and succeeds were all very realistic to me. I could understand her thought process and I never found one of her choices to be wildly out of place with the situation at hand.

Like in most books I read, Divergent has a love story in it. I found it to be perfectly done for this type of book. I can't imagine the author doing it any better than the way she chose to carry it out. I found myself able to guess what some of the events might be but I could never guess how things would play out. Of course, I'll admit a friend kind of told me about the book already so I knew kind of what to expect.

The whole initiation process for the Dauntless was so... cruel but so interesting to watch the characters brave. I really loved this book and am confident that anyone who likes The Hunger Games will also enjoy Divergent. Both are books made for both the intellectual reader and the one who just loves to get lost in a book.

I eagerly await the release of Insurgent.