Insurgent - Veronica Roth What an amazing read! I can't imagine Veronica Roth doing anything better that what she already has. She has successfully created a complex society full of complex, believable characters.

As I was reading the last hundred pages of Insurgent, I realized something about this series that I hadn't about any other series I've read. Tris is quite possibly the best three-dimensional character I have ever followed.

These past two books have been about a lot of things but what I realized last night was that this story is also about her discovering who she is and figuring out where she fits into the world she lives in. I think Tris grew a lot in Insurgent, more than possibly any other character in literature. Her growth isn't sudden or slow but by the end of the book, you can tell that she has grown. Well done, Miss Roth, I applaud you.

Insurgent starts right were Divergent ended, which I appreciated. I can't imagine what a time skip would have done. I think it also worked to Roth's advantage. Divergent had a cliff-hanger ending and the ability and choice to plunge right back into things with Insurgent was a smart move. It wasn't chaotic or confusing because things had died down enough that you still didn't want it to end but it was simple and easy to remember.

At the end of Divergent, I kind of felt like after the big reveal of Four actually being Tobias that Tobias/Four was a little wimpier. I am really glad that Roth handled this revelation very well. Through this book, it proves that hey, he's not weak you're just seeing more of his character. You see that, he's not so hung up on being Dauntless like Four was. I guess what I'm really trying to say is, you see who he truly is. I also love that Tris isn't the only character who is learning and changing; Four/Tobias is too. And it's appropriate considering that they both need to grow before they are ready to be married (if and when that happens).

The plot was amazing. Nothing was ever simple for the characters but at the same time, it was never so hard that it was impossible to succeed. There are so many twists and turns in Insurgent. After Tris learns one thing, she has to figure out another. Then, all of a sudden, she has to choose who to trust and therefore, choose which of her goals is more important. Stop the enemy completely or take the time to get all of the information.

I feel confident in saying that Veronica Roth is a master storyteller. I could hardly put the book down yesterday.