City of Lost Souls - Cassandra Clare Wow. Just wow. City of Lost Souls was amazing.

It's been two weeks since the events in City of Fallen Angels. Jace has been kidnapped by Jonathan and Clary is doing everything in her power to find him. No matter how much the Shadowhunters looks though, they can't seem to find him. Not long after they call off the search, Clary finds her way into the arms of the boy she loves and playing a dangerous game with her evil brother, Sebastian/Jonathan. There's just one problem though, Jace isn't really Jace and she's entirely alone in this....

Finally! I get to see Clary fight! I mean, she actually fights demons in here people. I was so excited. We finally get to see her and Sebastian/Jonathan really interact outside of battle which was really awesome to me. Just watching them interact a little bit like brother and sister at some moments was interesting to see. But those moments never last for long and were always overshadowed by the big problem of his evilness.

Also, I'd like to say bravo to Miss Clare. Jace's voice was wonderfully off. Allow me to explain. Jace isn't exactly himself in City of Lost Souls, so while his dialogue seemed like something Jace would say, it always seemed a bit off to me; it just didn't sound quite right. I was sitting on my bed just waiting for it to be normal again, I missed normal Jace. There really was a difference between Jace throughout most the book and normal Jace at the end. That right there is talent, folks.

As for the plot. Wow. I have no idea how in the world they're going to defeat Sebastian, especially after the epilogue.... The writing was, as always, fantastic. You literally read almost everyone's perspective at some point: Jocelyn, Clary, Isabelle, Alec, Magnus, Maryse, and others. They were almost always doing something different from one another which really kept the action going. There were few moment when almost everyone was together. Everything was perfect. Gah, I loved this book.