City of Glass  - Cassandra Clare I'd just like to say finally!!! City of Glass is gripping and ultimately satisfying, which is something that the previous two books weren't. I mean, they were both gripping but the satisfying part was a little lacking. How can I be satisfied when Jace and Clary are supposed to be related? That is not okay, Miss Clare.

After we've heard about it for the last two books, Clary is finally going to the City of Glass, which is basically Shadowhunter headquarters. But, of course, Jace doesn't exactly make it easy for her to get there and things go wrong. Each complication with Jace, Clary, and even Simon served the central plot so well. Obviously, we're approaching the end of Valentine so it was really interesting to see how exactly he would be defeated and just how far he would get in his efforts to destroy the Shadowhunters. Things went much further than I expected. Every detail and revelation was given at the perfect time. I don't think Clare could have delivered any of it better than she did.

While my hate for Simon has lessened, I still don't like him that much. He frustrates me to no end. He's finally backed off though, so I'm just relieved he's content with being Clary's friend now. *sigh of

As always, I enjoyed Clary's narrative more than anyone else's. I just want her to learn how to fight though! How could she not have started training by now? This is insane.

Jace is awesome and so frustrating all at the same time. His narrative can be enjoyable, but honestly, I really only like it when he's interacting with Clary. Otherwise, I'd rather read the book in Clary's POV.

Sebastian. Oh my word. Okay, the way he was originally presented made me like him so much. And, if I'm being honest, part of me wishes he remained that way but at the same time, his character is basically the reason *minor* Jace and Clary end up working.

The writing was, as always, fantastic! I had no problem just falling into Clary's head. All in all, this is a great book!