The Golden Spiral - Lisa Mangum What do you say after you've read one of the most amazing books ever written? I'm not quite sure what the right words are supposed to be but I'll start with: I absolutely loved this book! This was a great continuation of The Hourglass Door Trilogy. Lisa Mangum is a wonderfully talented author! I'm speechless at the moment; you'll have to excuse me as I try to gather my thoughts for the rest of the review.

The Golden Spiral was wonderfully plotted and executed. Mangum stayed true to her characters while bringing us an entertaining read. As I read the book, I could feel that time was essential. Things needed to happen quickly but they didn't- that's good thing. The author didn't drag it out but she really brought out the....All right, this is the only way I can explain it. Think of a really slow week. You feel like it's never going to end and you really need to do something but can't until the end of the week. Stay with me now. I'm not saying this book was boring, it definitely wasn't. Now think of how you're so conscious of time and feel like it can't pass quickly enough even though a lot is happening. Sometimes it all comes to a point that it feels like so many things are happening that you can't believe that you're only a day or two into the week. I hope I explained this accurately because that's what this book is like.

So much is happening but it doesn't feel like it. The whole feeling of the book is slow but not in a bad way. It was the perfect setting for the whole plot. You learn enough about Leo and Dante's past just to keep you satisfied. There are still so many questions I have though. I mean, who's Sofia? They still haven't told us who that is. I'm dying for Abby to ask Dante again.

The Golden Spiral didn't unfold the way I expected it too at all. This was a wonderful book and a great sequel to The Hourglass Door. I cannot wait to read The Forgotten Locket.