The Serpent's Shadow - Rick Riordan The perfect ending to The Kane Chronicles series! In my opinion, it was the best book in the series!

I can't think of a thing Rick did wrong. I thoroughly enjoyed Sadie's perspective; I found it paced a bit faster than Carter's but that fits their personalities so I'm not really complaining here. I found the ending very realistic and was glad that Riordan waited until the end to have Sadie and Carter become the Eye of Isis and Eye of Horus. Otherwise, the characters wouldn't have grown as much and them succeeding wouldn't have been as satisfying.

As always, I loved Carter's and Sadie's interactions with the Egyptian gods. They were humorous at times but not too humorous. I think it was smart how Riordan drew some parallels between Carter and Horus's personalities, showing that Carter really was a terrific match for Horus to use as his "Eye."

The whole Walt and Anubis debacle was solved very, very nicely! Well done, Mr. Riordan. I am absolutely and completely satisfied with how he dealt with that. Super pleased over here! Haha.

In addition to our old characters, we were also introduced to a few new ones. My favorite one was Setne. The evil magician? Yes, I enjoyed reading the parts with him in it. I'm still not quite sure yet; I haven't figured that one out. But Riordan did amazing with writing him. You got the sense that he was really dangerous and really evil but it wasn't... too intense. It was still kid friendly - okay for third (if they can), fourth, and fifth graders to still read.

The solution to defeating Apophis was genius! I found it to be very interesting and it made a lot of sense. It took part of the knowledge we already knew which was then combined with something new! It didn't come from way out of left field. It seemed almost as if, the answer had been in front of us the entire time.

Part of me is sad this is the last book. But I'm glad it's over at the same time. I can't imagine a better ending.