Cinder - Marissa Meyer Cinder is a wonderful futuristic retelling of the Cinderella story. Even the man character's name plays on the name Cinderella, which is kind of neat.

I really enjoyed watching Cinder fall for the Prince. But, of course, there's a bigger plot than Cinder just getting the Prince, which is something I found slightly surprising. The book deals with disease, aliens, and futuristic technology (of course). These are all interesting elements that aren't usually thrown together in a Cinderella type story. I cannot wait for the next three books in the series. They're going to be amazing.

I'm look forward to anything Marissa Meyer writes. The book was never dull or boring and everything just escalates until it finally breaks apart. I loved Cinder. I'm not sure if she or the Prince is my favorite character. All in all, a wonderful book.