Breaking Dawn - Stephenie Meyer Breaking Dawn was great! I'm so glad I read it. The wedding and such was fine, nothing special really. After she got home though, and it was in Jacob's perspective, I really enjoyed the book. I think Jacob's perspective was probably my favorite part of Breaking Dawn.

I thought Meyer's way of handling Bella's transformation and character as a vampire was appropriate. She was different but still the same character. When she first saw Renesmee after she became a vampire, I was a little annoyed with Jacob and Rosalie. I know they just wanted to protect the baby, but seriously, it's her kid and she was doing just fine. They bothered me for a little while.

Bella's reaction to Jacob's imprinting was fabulous. Loved it. I couldn't keep a smile off my face. After all of that, there's barely a breather before the Volturi get involved. It was awesome seeing how the characters handled the situation. And the ending was what I expected but not at the same time.

All in all, a great book.