Inheritance - Christopher Paolini Inheritance was a nice addition and ending to the Inheritance Cycle. I think Eragon finally became a man. Arya is still some strange mixture of male and female but whatever. I must admit though she acted more female in this book. I'm really glad Murtagh didn't die. I was really worried that his character would be ruined beyond repair but Paolini managed to redeem him back to his former glory he held in th first book.

The battles were drawn out at times. I found myself skimming in some places. There was just too much detail. I don't need to know every little detail and it sometimes it felt like I was just given too much information. I would get bored at times. Once those parts of the battle were over it was all interesting enough and done pretty well. Everything was realistic and held true to the characters.

I found the ending a little drawn out and unsatisfying. Honestly, Paolini doesn't write a very good love story. The one thing you knew both characters and every single reader wanted never happened. The moment was there but Paolini didn't use it.

All in all, Inheritance was a good book and I think Inheritance fans will enjoy it. I'm just glad the series is finally over.