So Much of Life Ahead - Dean Hughes This was such an amazing book! They wrapped everone's story up perfectly, except for Diane's. The ending was very well done. From when everyone started visiting Al before he died to the end of the book, I was choking back tears. I was determined not to cry but it was so hard! It was all so very well done!

Dean Hughes made it seem as if their stories went on, so the book ended but it didn't at the same time. He made it feel like the characters were real people whoes stories continue past the series. This feeling drives me crazy but I like it at the same time! I wanted a nice ending but at the same time I didn't want the books to end. I feel like I'm being severly tortured by this feelign but I don't think I would have it any other way. The ending was fantastic!

I'm SO glad that Kathy and Marshall get married! Plus, Gene and Emily surive! YAY! He finally starts to get better! Diane's ending was disappointing, which is why I'm definately going to read Diane's Story. Over all it was, yes, WONDERFUL!