The Outcasts - John Flanagan What a great read! Flanagan has, once again, created rich, interesting, and lovable characters. I thoroughly enjoyed The Outcasts. Flanagan has created a new side to the already-established world of Skandia.

The system of training for the boys in Skandia, is very interesting. I was a bit worried we wouldn't get to see how the Brotherband training went down but I am so glad the author showed us how exactly it worked. One thing I wished he'd done in the Ranger's Apprentice series is shown us what exactly happens during the gathering. I was a bit afraid the Brotherband training would end up like that but I'm so happy it didn't.

I think Flanagan did an excellent job handling the sailing parts of the book. He used the sailing terms but he didn't go all out and get confusing on the reader. He also included a glossary of sorts of all of the sailing terms he uses in the book. Even with that though, I found that I really didn't need to use it. Flanagan would periodically remind you which side (for example) the starboard side of a ship was. It wasn't repetitious at all.

The story was entertaining with the bigger plot for at least the next book working in the back ground, which I was really glad about. I never usually enjoy the chapters featuring the bad guy so I was pleased that these chapters were infrequent and small with just the information you needed.

Overall, The Outcasts lived up to my expectations and I will be eagerly awaiting the next book in this series.