The Lost Stories - John Flanagan The Lost Stories was an informative book and let us see more of our favorite characters. It has nine short stories within its 422 pages. Each story had the familiar Ranger's Apprentice feeling to it even though they all weren't one big connected story like the other books.

Although I enjoyed this book, I missed the feature of having one continuous story throughout it. We learn some interesting things about Will's mother and even get to see Gilan and Jenny together, although, I would have loved to see more of them than there actually was in the book.

Also, this book does include two of the biggest events that I think fans everywhere have highly anticipated and wanted to see since the ending of book ten, if not before then. And, of course, we also get to learn about Halt, who trained him, and how he and Crowley met. That was probably my favorite story and I would love it if Flanagan wrote an entire book featuring Halt and Crowley during tha time period the short story, The Hibernian, took place in.

This really was a treat and I wouldn't have missed it for the world. This is a great read and well worth your money.