The Writing on the Wall - Dean Hughes WOW! I LOVE IT! Dean Hughes did an AMAZING job with this book! My dad was tiling when I was reading it and I was so close to finishing the book. I was worried that I wouldn't be able to get to the second right after! My favorite character is Diane, even if she is a little priss. I love the characters though! Kathy is probably my least favorite or Hans but I still like them both a lot!

I was a little skeptical on how this would turn out, I have to say I wish that Beverly's story had been told in the other series, The Children of the Promise, or it had been given a summary in The Writing on the Wall. I also whish that the author had covered more parts of Diane's story liek her first date with Scott, hehe, he was a bad boy. It would have been nice if he had also covered Scott's and Diane's break up. I think that the author did great with covering all the other character's lives but it seems like Diane's life isn't getting the proper attention it should- like the others.

All in all I LOVE the book and can't wait to finished the second and get to the third, then the fourth, then the fifth!