Rise of the Darklings - Paul Crilley Rise of the Darklings was a light read I'd recommend for anyone 8+. It was definately a children's book, not because of writing or anything like that but just because the story was a little young. It still enjoyable though.

All of the characters complimented each other very well, especially Jack and Emily. At times I didn't really feel a connection with Emily, our main character, but Jack was easy to love. He was an awesome character to the story. He and Emily are perfect for each other! :D

I was actually guessing until the very end at who Emily could trust. At first, I thought it was the Queen Kelindra but then I was like, she can't. Then I thought, oh the Dagda. Wrong. So finally I was left with the Invisible Order. Of course, this time I wasn't totally wrong. The Invisible Order could've been trusted if Mr. Ravenhill hadn't been around but he was so you couldn't really trust them. I must say that I was instantly drawn to Sebastian and it seems this wasn't a bad thing. He was one of the few who could be trusted.

Paul Crilley did a good job building his world and I enjoyed the different pixies and gnomes. Corrigan was definately a favorite. Over all, a good book but I'd recommend it predominantly for children ages 8-12, younger if they can read well enough.