Rise of the Evening Star - Brandon Mull Brandon Mull's done it again!

I didn't enjoy this book as much as I did the first and it's probably the my least favorite in the series. But let me just add that I'd read it again, so that means it was pretty darn good!

Kendra is still the star of the book but this is really the first time Seth becomes a major contributing character in the series.

Through most of this book, you're trying to catch the trader among the characters. Brandon does a great job keeping this person with the right level of suspicion. In short, this person was just as likely to betray Kendra, Seth, Grandpa, and Grandma as anyone else was.

The Brandon rights, the more interesting Fablehaven gets and the more secrets we learn. We're introduced to a very interesting story for the sanctuary in this book that keeps us wondering.