Troubled Waters: A Novel (Hearts of the Children, 2) - Dean Hughes Wow, this was great! I was so sad when Marsha decided not to wait for Gene then Emily came along and I was so happy! She's so much better and happier than Marsha if you ask me.

I'm not sure how- they've hardly spent anytime with him- but I love Joey. He reminds me the most of Gene, from the Children of the Promise sereis. I whish they would spend more time with Joey. He's so lovable, and I find that he's the true Gene in the family. Fun but, mellow.

When Diane wouldn't listen to anyone about Greg I was like NO! She got angry at her mom for not telling her what she thought of Scott. Then when her mom tells her what she thinks of Greg she won't listen! Why?! Although, Diane is still my favorite character. I stayed up till eleven thirty finishing this book.

Kathy....when she got up on that stage when Robby was going to burn the flag I seriously thought she was going to help him do it! I'm glad she didn't though. Although, I must admit, I wouldn't have found it out of character for her.

I used to be a little iffy with Hans and his story but now I feel so bad for him. I hope he ends up with Elli though! She's great for him! And Hans's sister, Inga is the cutest thing. I have to say Hans and Inga are the spitting image of their parents. Hans is like Peter when he was that age and Inga is her mothers twin- I swear it. But even though they're like there parents the story is still enjoyable and it certainly isn't boring!

Kurt...I'm interested to see where his story goes. I love Anna though. She's amazing!