Witch & Wizard  - James Patterson This is the first book I've ever read by James Patterson. Over all, I wasn't entirely impressed with it. The story is very interesting but the writing really took a toll on it.

I don't enjoy this type of writing in the first place so it always takes a little extra effort on my part to enjoy a book with a first person present tense style of writing. At least, I think that's what you'd call it- don't quote me on that. Sometimes when I went from reading one scene to another scene, I had to stop because the first scene to really flow into the other. The time (if there was any) between some scenes was so hard to....I'm really not sure how to explain this. Some of the writing just seemed really disjointed in some parts. Added to this is the fact that the author kind wrote the way you would talk sometimes which was a little confusing.

Since this book is in two different perspectives while being written in first person, I had to pay extra attention to the chapter heading which told me whose perspective that chapter was in. The two main characters, Wisty and Whit, had very similar voices though that even when I was paying attention had to go back and check to see who was talking. If I got confused, I could sometimes guess whose perspective it was in (yes I was lazy and didn't look at the chapter heading again sometimes). Other times I had no idea because the author didn't give enough distinction between the main characters' voices.

With all of that said, this isn't the best piece of write I've read but it was a quick, easy read and Patterson did pull me into the story from the very beginning. I'll give him credit for that and a great story. Over all, three stars. I am interested in reading the second book though.