Pillage - Obert Skye Wow! That was really good! It started out kind of iffy and I could put the book down without any real drive to pick it up again. So when I reached page 62 I basically forced myself to read it because I didn't want to take forever to read this. It got much better once I got to page 100 or so.

I was constantly waiting for a dragon to appear but it was quite the surprise when Beck found a certain something. Skye did very good with interweaving Beck's plant-growing ability and the dragons together. Beck's family history was also very interesting but it was obvious from an early time in the book that he was some type of ancestor to a family I will not name.

They had quite the turn of events with the household. I never would have guessed that things would've happened the way they did. Although, some of the happenings were almost painfully obvious. It wasn't boring but, for me, this lacked the drive to read and not put the book down. I was at the end of the book and things were really exciting and had to get up and do something and it wasn't torture to put the book down. But I equally wanted to finish because I was getting worried that (with less than 20 pages left) things weren't going to wrap up very satisfyingly. But they did.

It was a satisfying end and I'm curious as to how Skye came up with a squel to this. I will definately be buying Choke. Pillage left me more curious than it did dying with excitement.