Eragon - Christopher Paolini Eragon is spell-binding. It starts with a chapter that raises many questions and draws us into the story. This book shows a lot of promise for the series.

I don't like Eragon (the character) so much. I really love Brom though and Murtagh. Oh my gosh! I love Murtagh! He's so stinkin' cool! It was really sad when Brom "has to leave" Eragon and doesn't come back. Saphira is an okay character, I don't particularily enjoy her but I don't hate her either.

The Varden are kind I didn't like them so much. Arya is a snob. I hate the elves in The Inheritance Cycle. Yes, elves are a little snobish but not like Paolini portrays them. It's like he took my traditional awesome elves and said okay now act like demons. Okay? He ruined them.

And Ergaon should not be a boy. He should be a girl. He's so wimpy. And Arya should be a boy, not a girl. She's just so....ugh.

All right, even though I just bashed and criticized the crap out of the book, I still really like it. I could hardly put the book down. At this point, I'm not sure why that was or why I enjoy the story so much but I do. It's a great book.