Keys to the Demon Prison - Brandon Mull This was the best book in the Fablehaven series! Brandon Mull actually made me love Seth, for I had previously not enjoyed is story so much. Seth grew up in this book but Mull still maintained his personality. Personally, I think Seth had the most character development in thise series. Kendra got older and her voice reflected that but over all, she didn't have much character development.

There wasn't any rest in this book at all. It's just one thing after another. About half way through the book you wonder what else Mull can do because it seems like the book should be done. That isn't bad though, because you don't want the book to end. I think I just couldn't see what else he could do. But he amazed me to the very end. The rest of this review contains spoilers and my initial excitment right after I finished the book, so beware.

It was fantastic! Brandon Mull ended the series perfectly. I couldn't predict any real major thing. I actually could only predict one thing at the end but it was kind of a side-line detail.

Bracken and Kendra! Bracken's a unicorn but then he's the Fairy Queen's son? She's a unicorn!

I think Seth was my favorite character though. He got Vasilis, then killed Graulus and Nagi Luna with it! Wow!