Far From Home - Dean Hughes You get a good look into Larue's character and that's real nice because she's a fresh story. Noddy, noddy, little girl but I still LOVE her story! She's an awesome character!

President Thomas does some pretty good changing in this book. He grows a lot- in a good way though.

What can I say? I LOVE Wally! I feel bad for him, especially when he loses a friend!

Alex- he's an interesting story. It's great though. I have to say I like Duncan now.

The Stolz's story its definetly better in this book and more intertaining.

Bobbi...*shakes head* Bobbi...I love her but she can be so annoying.

Dean Hughs just keeps on doing better and better all with the characters. I miss Gene something terrible but the series is still really good!