As Long As I Have You - Dean Hughes This is my second favorite(only to the 1st book)Wally gets home, marry's Loranie, He gets his little girl, what more can one ask for!!!!! I almost cried when he found out that Gene had died. It was like reading about Gene dying all over again!

Bobbi and Richard finally get it in gear and get married! after Bobbi has her little..ugh whatever you want to call it. She can be so annoying but I still love her.

Alex deals with the war but he has amazing Anna to help him so he's all set! I really do like her! She's awsome!

And Larue. I whish they had spent more time with Larue in this book.

I Loved this book- the whole series. my only whish is that Dean Hughes woule make liek an attachment book and write an accoutn of Beverly's story. By then end of the series she's finally old enough to have an actualy story, I wish he would write hers so bad!