Volume 2 - Since You Went Away (Children of the Promise, Volume 2) - Dean Hughes It wasn't as good as the 1st but good nontheless. Dean Hughs did a great job with each of the characters.

I'm reading this a second time and find myself not wanting to read it cause I now Gene's going to die soon. He's my favorite character. Even over Wally. He's just so lovable.

I love Richard! Although Bobbi annoys me. She's so...just so...I don't know. I do like her but she annoys me sometimes.

Poor Wally! I love him too! he's so amazing! I feel so bad for him!

Alex's training his awsome. I LOVE IT! it's one of my favorite parts!

The Stolz's story is a little hard for me to get through sometimes. It's definetly not as entertaining as the other's but it's not horrible.