The Maze of Bones - Rick Riordan I was actually somewhat disappointed with The Maze of Bones. I really only picked it up because Rick Riordan wrote it, which you know, I wasn't disappointed by the writing or anything. It was the plot. It just didn't make me want to finish, hence it took me so long.

The plot seemed a little overdone to me; I just had the feeling that it was similar to a lot of other books. I had heard a lot of different things about The 39 Clues. About half of the reviews I heard were good and the other half were bad. I'm glad I read the book but I won't read the second. It just didn't give me any drive. The only think that might make me experiment with the second book is the slight pinch of curiousity that was instilled in me at the very end. But I'd have to be either desperate or really talk myself into reading the second book.

The second clue at the end was predictable not in the sense I knew what it was going to be but that I knew from the moment it was introduced what it was going to be located on. They tried to lead you on to make you think the clue is a different item but again, the other item was just suspicious.