Halt's Peril (Ranger's Apprentice, #9) - John Flanagan WOW! That was really amazingly spectacular!!! Okay, I'm done gushing for now...

This starts off just about where the eighth book ends. A day maybe two seem to have past. I was really happy that the book focused more on Will than it did Halt. If you've read my review for the eighth book then you'll know that I wasn't so happy the so much focus had been taken off Will and given to Halt, it wasn't but I'm glad it returned to Will, if you didn't read the review then now you know!

As the description says, Halt is poisoned. How he gets poisoned is done so well! He goes out admirably and with a fight! Of course, Will and Horace had something to say about the poison. I won't say anymore....but there is a "funeral" in this book. It was shocking at first, because the chapter start with it and you're left in total...disarment. It just didn't seem right BUT have no fear because something else happens and you realize the funeral was done right.

I read this book in about one day. It got so late I had to finish the last thrity or so pages the second day I had it but it was...I just couldn't put it down. It was really good! And once Halt's poisoned, it's almost torture to put the book down because you can feel the tension and the anxiety because, come on, who wants Halt to die???! Not me! All in all, I'm giving this book five stars easy! It was perfect, and plus the end resolution for every plot in the book is done well. It wasn't dragged on at all. There wasn't a single boring part in the entire the book.

Oh and don't fear, the remaining characters make it back home at the end of the book. Flangan didn't end it with them on the way home, which I was really greatful for. And also, we learn somethings about what Halt thinks about Will and Horace, which was really cool!