The Demigod Files - Rick Riordan It was good. I mean, it wasn't a have to read for the Percy Jackson and the Olympian series but it was a nice addition. There were some interviwes with some of the characters which was okay; I didn't enjoy that part as much. But there were three short stories that were very entertaining. I think I liked the last one the most, The Sword of Hades, it was quite interesting. All in all, it was another Percy Jackson book and a great addition.

There were some puzzles you could do in the back of the book, which I did, but I did it in light pencil so I plan to erase it. There's also a map of Camp Half-Blood, which is always nice to have. It also contains a few character profiles but I find where they're place within the book (in the middle of The Sword of Hades) quite disruptive. I would've rather had them in the back of the book with the puzzles.