Montmorency: Thief Liar Gentleman? (After Words) - Eleanor Updale This is a great book. I was a little skeptical at first at how this would all turn out and it didn't end the way I would have expected. He's almost two different people at first but by the end of the book even when Monmorency is trying to be Scarper he has trouble and is more the gentlman, Montmorency, than he is the thief, Scarper. Nothing changes it though that he is a lier.

He may have become a gentleman in deceitful ways but I'm of the opion that in the end he is not truly the thief, he is the gentleman. He unexpectedly finds himself returning some of the things he stole in the begining right after he was released from prison.

I do wish that he had been able to speak with Dr. Farcett that would have been interesting. It was written well. There were some parts that had a little too much detail but it didn't go on forever which was good. The character building and portrayel was great for both Montmerencey and Scarper you could clearly see the difference between the two. When he was Scarper there was no thought for others, only himself. When he was Montmorency he was civil and at times did regret some of the things he (or Scarper) had stolen because someone else payed for his crime.