The Elite - 'Kiera Cass' Prince Maxon has narrowed The Selection down to just a few girls now and things are getting pretty tense around the palace. Not to mention, the rebels are still attacking every few weeks. An old friend has arrived at the palace though, making America's decision and participation in The Selection that much harder.

The Elite revealed a bit more about the rebels which was nice but the rebels didn't dominate the story, which I liked. They were featured a bit more though and gave us a little break from the constant frustration that is America.

Things have become more tense between the girls participating in The Selection. But Miss Cass didn't let it get downright nasty between the girls with cat fights and all, which is a relief because it could have gone that way. There was this one incident but the other girl had it coming. I'm so glad America gave the other girl a taste of what she deserved.

I liked seeing the Queen interact with the girls more but I was disappointed she and the King didn't have more interaction with America. I understand why there wasn't but I still wish there had been at least one conversation between the King and America before things blew up. I do hope we see the Queen speak to America more though. As for the King, he is despicable. Argh, what a horrible man!

And, finally, we've come to my favorite part of the story, America and Maxon. Let me just say, America was so frustrating. She'd get upset with Maxon but when he would come to see her or clear things up one of two things happened. 1) Stupid America yelled and pushed him away until he was too angry to talk to her. Or 2) she would say something to the effect, "I can't talk to you right now." Either way, Maxon would leave. I understand him in case one. He cares about her and doesn't want to say or do something he'll regret so he leaves the room. But case two? I was so frustrated with him when he wouldn't just stand his ground and force her to listen to the explanation that would make everything better! Him leaving because she "couldn't talk" was infuriating. I was literally sitting on my bed thinking, "Don't leave. America is so stupid."

But, as infuriating as it was, I loved seeing them together. And, in the end, America does at least decide to pull it together. The fact that Maxon finally confronts her (gently) with the truth (that she has to trust him and earn his trust), was a moment I relish. Finally, he says it!

As for Aspen.... Why oh why did he have to show up? I mean, I knew he would; it was to be expected but I just.... He doesn't make sense. He's all like, "I love you, America." And I'm sitting there reading and mentally chastising him. It's treason for her to be involved with any guy on any level at this point. They've seen what happens when a girl in The Selection falls in love with another guy. I mean, if Aspen loves her then he'll stop risking her life. He broke her heart on purpose. Yeah, I understand it was so she would have a chance at a better life but he's also prideful. She told him what he had was enough and he broke her heart any way. Then Aspen comes waltzing in expecting her to still love him. And American just takes him back! Maxon has done hardly anything to her yet she just forgives Aspen. I kept waiting for them to get caught together.

So all in all, The Elite fulfilled its purpose as the frustrating part of a literary relationship without getting too frustrating. Yes, in between all of my frustration there were some really sweet moments between America and Maxon. And, if I have to admit it, with Aspen too. I'd just like to take a moment to reiterate that the King is a horrible man. He had better die in The One.