The Runaway Queen - Cassandra Clare, Maureen Johnson Ah, another tale of Magnus Bane and his recklessness. I still would like to know how old he is but I suppose we'll probably never know. I wouldn't be surprised if Magnus didn't exactly remember himself....

The Runaway Queen was another entertaining story of Magnus's life. But, much like What Really Happened in Peru, it was rather disappointing. I'd mostly describe it as cute. It's nice to learn more about Magnus's life, especially with Alec's new fascination with it, but I wish The Runaway Queen had had a little more direction to it.

The first short story was supposed to reveal why Magnus was banned from Peru. That was a purpose. This one however, just felt slightly empty. And, if I'm honest, I was little disinterested with it. It wasn't awful, I just felt like it didn't have a purpose.

With that said, I do think sometimes I'm looking for something more when really, all I'm reading is just a short story and not a whole novel.