The Prince - Kiera Cass The Prince is a nice addition to The Selection series. We get a brief glimpse of how Maxon sees the whole ordeal and what he feels about it.

Maxon was the same Maxon we all love from The Selection and The Elite. I don't really feel like I know him better. If anything, I feel like his portrayal in the first two books was well done. Miss Cass has already communicated his personality very well.

It was interesting to see all of his insecurities when it came to the Selection. Of course, who came blame the poor guy for getting nervous? 35 chicks were coming to live in the same building. Yes, it's huge. But still, the palace has been his home all his life and now they're invading.

The one thing that did surprise me was how much he wanted to please his father and seemed to love him. I expected him to be a little more resentful or angry.

My favorite parts had to be Maxon's interactions with America. I was really eager to see those first few through his eyes. Actually, I was kind of hoping to see the first four. I can only imagine what his POV would be when it comes to their first date....

The Prince was a nice little extra to have and I'm looking forward to reading The Guard.