Falls The Shadow - Melissa Sasina Falls the Shadow was a little difficult for me to really invest myself in. The premise and plot were actually very interesting, it just didn't really captivate me for some reason.

As I understand it, all of the events in Falls the Shadow take place on Midgard after Ragnarok which is supposed to basically be the end of the world except for the fact that it is supposed to be repopulated afterward. Now that gods like Odin and Thor are dead, the power-hungry are searching for powerful artifacts the gods once used so they can awaken Loki.

There are a number of main characters throughout the story but I honestly didn't connect with any of them. Lady Amena was interesting but that was about as far as my connection went. I don't know much about Norse mythology so I kind of felt a little lost sometimes. I appreciated how each of the characters' storylines lead up to one another. I think the execution was well done. Each characters' storyline wove neatly together. There was never any confusion as to who I was reading about.

Unfortunately, I didn't particularly enjoy having to keep track of so many people and different storylines. Maybe it would have been easier if I knew the characters better. But, for me, it was difficult and made getting into the story harder. Of course, I'm not used to this type of writing either, so I might just be out of practice too.

The writing itself was well done I think. It made me feel like I was in a different world or rather that I was reading about a world that wasn't my own. Honestly, I admire that in authors. Not everyone can do that.

All in all, the premise was really interesting but, for whatever reason, I just wasn't captivated.