City of Fallen Angels  - Cassandra Clare I was slightly surprised with City of Fallen Angels. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. Everything had been resolved by the end of City of Glass. I truly had no clue what to expect. I hoped we would get to see Clary and Jace together as a couple (finally) but, beyond that, I didn’t have the slightest thought as to what Cassandra Clare had in store. In short, I went in blindly trusting her to pull a magnificent story out of her magic hat when it seemed like there couldn’t be one.

We find the story starting a few weeks after the events of City of Glass. Clary and Jace are relatively happy and everything seems to be calm. But then Jace starts avoiding Clary, even going so far as to spend time with Simon instead of her. Clary is desperate to figure out what she’s done wrong—if anything—to cause his behavior. Meanwhile, Simon is dealing with being a vampire and all the problems that come with that.

If you’ve read my reviews for the previous three novels, then by now you know how much I truly hated Simon for the first two books. City of Fallen Angels had a lot of Simon in it. Half the book was in his POV. That was a little taxing for me. It wasn’t because his POV wasn’t interesting, but I really wanted to just read about Clary and Jace—if anything, that was one thing I did expect. The way I saw it, it was Simon getting in the way again. Fortunately, I was able to get over my extreme aversion to Simon.

The actual plot was interesting and really propelled the characters into complete hell. Simon had his own little side story which was interesting once I immersed myself in it. Jace’s behavior was slightly annoying but I felt the reasoning behind it was perfectly logical and suitable to the story. Our beloved characters have to face horrors they’d never even thought of before. By the end of the book, I was freaking out and clambering for more.

All in all, I really enjoyed City of Fallen Angels but, in all honesty, it's probably my least favorite in the series—and that's saying something since City of Ashes was just so hard for me.