Crushed (The Witch-Game #1) - K.C. Blake Wow. This book was amazing. I was kept guessing until the end.

I very much enjoyed the characters. I liked the switching point of views from the main character, Kristen Noah, to her boyfriend, Zach Bevian. The role Kristen's sisters played was appropriate and excellent for the book. One sister in particular, Brittany, was written in such a way that her personality alone would keep you guessing at whether or not she would end up being the bad guy. And, of course, there's another person that could be equally as guilty and showed plenty of signs that they could also be the perpetrator.

The Noah sisters' game is one that, when played, could be funny and entertaining but that could also easily go wrong, which I think is a nice mixture to all of the elements of the book.

It was fun to watch Kristen and Zach grow closer as they inevitably do. They both fight their feelings for each other but it's obvious in the end that they won't win and will eventually cave in to them.

There were a few typos but the story was so engaging that I pratically glanced over them. K. C. Blake is an amazing author! What excellent talent and skill. I'm looking forward to the next book in the Witch-Games series and am eager to see how exactly she will continue it. There are so many different things she can do with this type of idea.