The Fellowship of the Ring  - J.R.R. Tolkien It was amazing! It had it's ups in and downs just like any other book but beat the hobbit by a land slide! The Ring Wraiths are SO much cooler in the book than in the movie. Although, the movie did portray them and everything in the first book very well. I love this book! Gandalf is so awesome!

As I continue reading the series, I'm finding that I liked The Fellowship of the Ring the best. The first book has a lot more suspense than the others to me. While you have to wait for whole scenes to feel the suspense, they come less often in the other books than they did in the first.

It might be because the first book is new and fresh. You know, we don't know anything much about the characters. I do admit though, not actually seeing and talking to Gollum in this book makes me tense when Frodo does see his shadow in this book. The Ring Wraiths are my favorite part though. They're still new, scary and unknown. Tolkien really wrote some spectauclar scenes with them.

There was only one chapter in this book that I think could've been cut. It was long, boring and about Tom Bobadill. Forgive me if I spelt that wrong. The characters in The Fellowship of the Ring are memorable, absolutely cool, and lovable. Added to that, are the beautiful and elegeant passages sporadically placed about the book.

I think Tolkien's greatest success in The Fellowship of the Ring was using the unknown to create suspense.