Doodling - Jonathan  Gould Honestly, I found Doodling to be a little pointless. Ever heard someone say that Huckleberry Finn is a book with no plot? This is kind of like that. I don't mean to be harsh. The writing was pretty good, I just think Jonathan Gould can do better than this.

I was constantly wondering how old the main character was. At first I thought it was probably somewhere around the age of ten but as the book progressed I became confused. At one point, he went to drink champange (it wasn't really champange, just dirt really) which made me wonder how old he really was. A ten year old wouldn't drink champange.

In Doodling, all of the characters were in space. I'm still wondering how exactly the whole running or bycle think worked in space when they're jumping from astroid to astroid or chasing one. I found the main character's potential untapped and thus found him uninteresting.

Jonathan Gould could do much better if he would just use a better idea.