The Red Badge of Courage (The Emc Masterpiece Series Access Editions)

The Red Badge of Courage - Stephen Crane I'll keep in mind that this was required reading as I write this.

This book was about two battles in two days. As the battles were featured, we followed the main character something-Flemming, otherwise known as "the youth". I hated that part of the book, how the author used the main character's name so little, I couldn't remember his name for half the book and only remember it now because it was used in one of the last pages.

Fleming (or is it Flemming? See, it was used so little I can't even remember how to spell it.) is mostly an antihero for most of the book, until a little more than half way through when he finally mans up and stops fleeing the battle. The "red badge" is actually a symbol of being wounded in battle; it supposedly showed a man's bravery or courage, at least, to the main character.

All in all, its an okay book. The descriptions were pretty good and the similes were very useful. I just didn't find it particularly wonderful. It was kind of boring for most of the book.