How Many Roads?

How Many Roads - Dean Hughes Wow, what a wonderful addition to the series. Although it's not my favorite of the series. The stories progress so much!

Diane, oh my, Diane. I do NOT like Greg at all! He's so mean to her. I mean he gave her bruises and slammed her into a stinkin' mirror. Why couldn't Diane listen to her fmaily. She should've left him.

Dean Hughes did an amazing job with all the battle scenes in the last series and I'm over joyed to find out that he's doign a wonderufl job again! Gene becomes a father, YAY! But he goes off to Vietnam, *sniff sniff sob sob*. Poor Emily and Gene. I loved how Alex talked to Gene before he left though. That was a wonderful part of the book. I just loved it! first I liked that professor but not so much anymore. I'm glad she didn't get very far with him, although I must say I was partly still rooting for him and her to get together just because. I hope she gets married!

One story I wish we could no a little more about is Kurt's. I suppose I might understand why but I still think his story would be an interesting one.