The Two Towers  - J.R.R. Tolkien Wow! That was an amazingly written book! The words Tolkien used were so colorful and descriptive. There were a few passages that were a little over descriptive; only three paragraphs that I can remember. He was describing Orthanc; that was a little boring.

But oh my goodness!!! Frodo and Sam in Shelob's layer! And Gollum! Nasty Gollum! EEP! I'm excited just about thinking about it! That was a really spectacular part of the book.

Now for Aragorn and everyone else's part of the book... I have to say, Frodo's and Sam's story was much more entertaining. But Aragorn's part was good. I thought Tolkien did very well when he wrote the battle for Helms Deep. It wasn't over descriptive but you didn't feel like you were missing anything. Again, I'm amazed by Tolkien's writing; it is spectacular, colorful, and elegant!